Landscape Construction


Many customers like a clean look to banks and want to eliminate steep slopes on their property.  This can be handled in many ways.  Versa-lok® walls are constructed of large stone blocks designed to lock into place creating a strong barrier against crumbling hills or small banks. This has a more decorative look that timbers.  Versa-lok® also comes in a wide variety of colors and offers you the flexibility of straight or curved walls. Treated Timber, or "tie" walls, are large wood timbers that are cut and set into place using re-bar and large spikes.  Tuma Lawn Service installs only treated pine timbers, which carry a warranty not to rot or decay.  It has a rustic look that can double in places for stairs. 

Omni-stone® Pavers

Very popular over the years, Omni-stone® is a brick-style paver that comes in a wide range of colors and styles and can be used in everything from sidewalks and pool sides to patios and driveways.  Omnistone© is a cost effective and durable paver that will outlast most other types of paving.  We have some driveways installed over 25 years ago with little or no shifting or cracks like concrete!

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Getting popular with the recent lack of rain, sprinkler systems provide the customer with a lush lawn and the freedom from actually doing the watering.  Very little of your existing lawn is disturbed in the installation process which is done by our staff professional who has installed systems to small homes and entire housing developments!  After installation, we provide service to the new systems and to existing systems, even if we didn't install it!  When the weather turns cold, we perform a complete winter "blow-out" to ensure no pipe breakage.


Wood privacy fencing and split rail fences are available, depending on your needs.


Properties in housing plans sometimes have large hills in the back yard that channel huge amounts of rain or spring water into the yard, causing flooding and soupy conditions.  Drains can be installed to try to combat this problem.  Drains can be diverted into the street or existing underground drainage systems.

Outdoor Lighting Systems

Lights for sidewalks and highlights on the property such as trees and shrubs or the house itself.  What would you like?  We install high quality, low-voltage systems set on either timers or photo-electric cells.

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