Fertilizer Programs

Our Five Application programs come in three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The basic service includes fertilizer, crabgrass control, and weed control.  To learn more on this service, click HERE.

Aeration & Lime

Core Aeration is beneficial to a lush, healthy lawn.  It lessens compaction and enables grass roots to penetrate deeper into the soil, a must in the face of our recent hot, dry summers.  It also helps with de-thatching.  Grass plants live an average of 21 days, then decaying grass plant roots and stems are the primary cause for thatch build-up.  Aeration cores the soil and breaks down the thatch layer.

Verti-slicing & Slitseeding

Throwing seed on top of thatch does absolutely nothing!  Verti-slicing and slitseeding breaks that thatch barrier and gets the seed to the soil, the environment it needs to germinate and thrive!

Weekly Lawn Mowing

The service that made us what we are!  Our blades are sharpened every week, making sure the grass is cut; not hacked off!  Use of the weedeater and power edger on sidewalks and driveways is also included in this service.

Spring Cleanup

This is a one time cleanup that removes leaves and other winter debris from the lawn areas and shrub beds.  Grass mowing, if needed, is included in this price.

Fall Leaf Clean-up

This service is done each time we come to mow at the end of October and through mid to late November.  Leaves will be removed from the shrub beds on the last clean-up of the year.  It is impossible to remove every single leaf from the lawn so this service is designed to remove the bulk of the leaves to prevent smothering and damage.