Lawn Installation and Renovation

Complete Renovation

This service is reserved for lawns that need a little help.  Most of the existing grass remains while we slit-seed the rest of the lawn, filling in the dead spots.

New Seeding

For new homes or lawns that need the existing dead grass removed entirely.  The area is graded with new or existing topsoil, seeded, raked in and top-dressed with a variety of products specific to your needs.  But you are the most important key.  The seeds must be watered deeply and frequently.


Sod is two-year old grass grown at a farm, cut, and shipped to your property.  As with seeding, the lawn area is prepared by grading and fertilizing by our technicians.  We then lay the sod.  And, like seeding, you must keep the lawn watered.  It's almost like an instant lawn!