FERTILIZING AND WEED CONTROL - Snow laying for a long time on the ground is good for spring lawn growth.  That means weeds are growing as well.  The big spring weeds are dandelions.  These are easy to get rid of with our weed control application and, with the weather warming up in a few weeks, results are almost immediate.  If you are on the plan and see dandelions in your yard, be patient!  Our control is a contact herbicide.  It cannot kill what isn't growing yet.  So when we get there and spray them, the more that are up, the more that will be dealt with!

MOWING - Around mid-March, our crews are out starting Spring Clean-ups (weather permitting).  These clean-ups take away the majority of the winter debris left on the lawn and in the shrub beds over the off months.  Before long, the grass will start growing FAST!  One thing that is important to remember is the one-third rule:  NEVER remove more than one-third of the blade.  That blade is like an antenna.  The longer it is (between 3 -   3 1/2 inches) the more sunlight it receives to feed the roots (during the short, Spring day, it needs all the sun it can get!).  Especially in this time of year, do not hack it down like a golf green.  It is not healthy for the lawn and in the summer time, when it's dry and hot, you run the risk of burning your lawn!

LANDSCAPING - The trucks and tractors are being readied.  The shrubs are being ordered.  Before long, we'll be out hitting the pavement.  The waiting list is growing.  So, if you have an idea for your home, call now for a free estimate.  We'll be happy to make your home look like a well maintained estate!

What you need to know about Lawn Seeding.