Meet Our Staff

There isn't a company on the face of the planet that can operate without a great staff. We at Tuma Lawn Service are proud to introduce to you the experienced management team that has made Tuma Lawn Service and Landscaping the largest and most successful company of its kind in the area.


Randy S. Tuma

Randy became the owner of the company in 1992 and he currently serves as its president. He started with the family business in 1971 at the age of 12. He has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University in New York.  Randy is a certified pesticide applicator in four categories. He designs landscaping on both large and small projects and oversees the landscaping department. Randy lives just a few hundred feet from the business.

William T. Tuma

Bill started Tuma Lawn Service in 1956 and he's been an integral part of the company ever since. Although he sold his company to his son in 1992 and retired in 2012, Bill still visits the office to say hello as he lives just next door. A quick walk through the breezeway! 

Frank Fleming

A life-long resident of Monaca, Frank, or "Bunky" as he is widely known, has worked for Tuma Lawn Service since 1979. He started out as a laborer and has worked his way all the way up to landscape project manager. Bunky is a certified pesticide applicator and has attended numerous landscape design seminars. Bunky lives just a few blocks away from the office.

Chris Spearing
Chris Spearing

Chris started with Tuma Lawn Service in 2007 as a landscape project manager. Chris has a degree from Penn State in Landscape Contracting. He oversees a construction crew working in all types of landscaping while specializing in lawn sprinklers and water features. Chris lives just one mile from the office.

Wade Tuma
Wade Tuma

Wade started working at Tuma Lawn Service when he was 16 years old. He is the third generation to work in the family business. Wade has a degree from Penn State in Landscape Contracting. He is a landscape project manager working on all types of landscape projects. Wade's specialties include landscape designs done on a computer which generates 3D landscape plans. Wade lives across the road from the office.

William Mitchell

Bill has worked at Tuma Lawn Service since 1978 when he was 16 years old. Like Bunky, Bill is a native of Monaca. Bill's job consists of keeping all of our equipment up and running each and every day. That includes a fleet of almost 30 trucks, 5 tractors, and numerous mowers and small equipment. No small task which is the reason he often works 12+ hours a day. Bill lives just down the road from the office.

Eugene McClain
Eugene McClain

Eugene is a lawn mowing supervisor. He has been with Tuma for 34 years and lives a few blocks from the office. He is responsible for the weekly mowing of over 350 lawns.

Tim House

Tim is a lawn care supervisor and applicator. He has been with Tuma for 22 years. Tim is the man in charge of keeping all of Tuma's lawns green and weed free.

Dave Reed
Dave Reed

Dave started with Tuma Lawn Service in 1998. He worked under William Tuma as lead assistant, moving up to trimming project manager upon Bill's retirement in 2012. Dave handles all of Tuma Lawn Service's tree and shrub trimming projects along with some smaller landscape projects.

Joanne Belli

Joanne has been doing just about everything in the office since May of 1987. She is one of three people who answer the phones at the office, so chances are you have spoken to her. She currently coordinates with Randy Tuma in the Fertilizing Department and handles the company payroll. Joanne walks to work everyday from her home, just a block away.

Sue Slater

Sue started with the company in May of 1997 and currently works as the Accounts Receivable secretary. Sue is usually the person that answers the phone. Sue lives on the next street over from Tuma Lawn Service.