Versa Lok

IMG 1109
Saratoga blend country stone walls.

IMG 1155

Allegheny blend Versa-Lok wall.

IMG 1275

Allegheny blend Versa-Lok wall.

IMG 1325
Allegheny blend Versa-Lok wall.

Before1 2014


After1 2014

...and after!

RR Tie 2 Before

Versa-Lok is a great, long-lasting replacement for wooden tie walls like this one.

RR Tie 2 After

The completed Versa-Lok wall.

RR Tie 2 Crew

The crew, after a job well done.

desert blend

Desert Blend Stratford pavers with a seating wall and a future fire pit.

SAM 0647

Desert Blend Versa-Lok wall and steps

SAM 0655

Desert Blend Versa-Lok steps

RR Tie 1 Before

Another wooden tie wall project: before.

RR Tie 1 After

And after. 

SAM 0649

Saratoga Versa-Lok wall

SAM 0651

Saratoga Versa-Lok wall

A double sided wall with a 3 foot high, 3 foot wide planter

versalok / williamsburg curved wall



versalok / weathered allegheny blend wall

starting the base on a versalok wall

Finished product

oct 201 146

Williamsburg wall



After: Versa-Lok / weathered allegheny blend wall 

Building the base for a versa lok wall

Weathered Versa-Lok wall, boulders and landscape.

SAM 0692 2

One year later, with all the flowers blooming!






Desert Blend Planter Bed Wall in Brighton Township.

Weathered Slate Versa-Lok steps and OmniStone wall in Monaca.

Versa-Lok and OmniStone provide access to the deck steps with a storage space under the steps. Brighton Township.

Desert Blend Versa-Lok Wall and steps in Brighton Township

Weathered Mosaic Versa-Lok Wall, perfect height for sitting.

Terraced Desert Blend Versa-Lok Wall and 4 foot wide steps. Wexford.

Allegheny Blend Pillars and 5 foot wide steps with a FIeldstone Wall. Patterson Heights.

Pillars and curved wall with a fire pit. Patterson Heights.

Four foot high curving Saratoga Blend Versa-Lok Wall in Aliquippa

Weathered Allegheny Blend pillars and mosaic planter wall with OmniStone patio. Beaver.

Saratoga Blend Versa-Lok Wall and steps in Coraopolis

Saratoga Versa-Lok Wall in Beaver.

Burnt Umber Versa-Lok Wall in Patterson Township.

Allegheny Blend Versa-Lok Planter wall in Center Township.

Desert Blend Versa-Lok wall and steps in Beaver.

Williamsburg Versa-Lok Planter Wall and new shrubs with a low voltage lighting system.

Williamsburg Versa-Lok Driveway Wall with a Planting Bed. New Brighton.

Allegheny Blend Wall Stepping up to 4 feet high. Monaca.

Saratoga Accent Block Circle Planter in Monaca.

Weathered, Mosaic Allegheny Blend Wall in Sewickley

Saratoga Wall with 4 foot wide steps. Center Township

Saratoga Wall that starts with a curve. Center Township.

Two-Sided Desert Blend Steps in New Brighton.

Desert Blend Wall with a Picket Fence

Desert Blend Versa-Lok Planter Walls that replaced rotting timbers. Moon Township.

Allegheny Blend wall, steps, and pillar with perennial plantings.

Slate Weathered Mosaic Versa-Lok® wall and steps.

A 4' high Allegheny Blend wall about 70' long.

A driveway border wall in Desert Blend color that steps up.

A wall in Desert Blend color.

A Slate Blend wall with 4 built-in lights.

A tree ring wall built with Slate accent blocks.

A large wall with steps.

A Sandstone driveway wall.

A weathered mosaic Allegheny Blend wall.

Closing the gap between the steps and lawn, this curved wall provides a maintenance free area that is still attractive.

Another wall that is stepped down.  All that's missing is a new Omnistone driveway!

Versa-Lok® walls don't have to be large.  This small wall, including steps, gives the home a clean, finished look.

A Saratoga Blend Versa-Lok® wall with river rock shrub beds

A Chocolate colored wall with matching steps.

This project called for a curved, terraced bed.  Looks almost like an extension of the house.

A 4' high Allegheny Blend wall about 70' long.

Desert Blend Versa-Lok® steps with two Omnistone landings for seating.

A wall to create a level area for a pool that is being installed.

This picture shows what goes into making a high Versa-Lok® wall.  As the wall is built up, tampers are used to compact the backfill, ensuring the stability of the structure.  This process is repeated as the wall grows.

The finished product!  The wall is stepped up to match the slope behind.  It is also stepped back, making sure it will not topple over.

These original steps are surrounded by new Versa-Lok® walls.  The product is extremely versatile.

This project called for a long retaining wall.  Makes for a clean look.