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3 Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting Design to Create your Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Posted by Randy Tuma on May 26, 2022

Why You Want A Lighting Plan

If you’re just getting started developing an outdoor lighting design for your home, you may not know the specific strategies involved in creating an outdoor lighting plan.

There are actually three main types of lighting involved when you create your outdoor lighting design.

Let’s look at the three different outdoor lighting design strategies to help you begin to envision a more useful and beautiful outdoor space.

3 Types of Outdoor Lighting Design

1. Ambient Outdoor Lighting

front porch with outdoor lighting
Ambient outdoor lighting design refers to any type of lighting that illuminates an entire space. Inside your home, ambient lighting might look like ceiling lights and table lamps

Outdoor lighting designs use ambient lighting design outdoors in order to increase security and visibility around your home.

When navigating your outdoor space in the dark without ambient lighting in place, you or your guests could trip and fall. An effective ambient lighting plan will increase visibility in high traffic areas to decrease the chances of injury.

Here are some of the fixtures that your contractor will use for ambient outdoor lighting design:

  • Spotlight
  • Hanging fixture
  • Garage and canopy lighting
  • Post lantern
  • Wall lighting
  • Recessed fixture used in overhanging structures

2. Task Outdoor Lighting

Task lighting is used alongside ambient lighting to illuminate a space for a specific purpose. A good task lighting system can open up so many possibilities for your outdoor space.

Think about it.

There isn’t much of a use for your patio, porch or deck at night without lighting.

Task lighting is what gives these outdoor spaces their use at night.

You will find task lighting in your outdoor leisure spaces. If you have a patio or a deck, you might have small lights illuminating the area or the stairs.

Maybe you will have task lighting around a fire pit.

It can also be found along walkways to make navigating your property easier.

Or you may find it in doorways being used for the purpose of deterring property criminals from breaking into your home.

Accent lighting is what gives your lighting a wow factor

3. Accent Outdoor Lighting

Accent lighting is used to create beauty in your outdoor lighting design.

It is what gives your lighting design its WOW factor.

Accent lighting is achieved with uplighting and downlighting and is used to highlight particular parts of the property or lighting design.

You will notice accent lighting most often under trees or to draw attention to the home. It can also be found in retaining walls or fencing on the property.

Its main use is to accentuate the home’s natural beauty.

Leave Your Outdoor Lighting Design to the Professionals

At Tuma Lawn, our knowledgeable staff can create the perfect design to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property. Our landscape lighting design will be developed with functionality, beauty and your security in mind.

Our company brings both education and experience to your outdoor lighting design project.

Call us today to schedule a personal consultation about your property.

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