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Reasons to upgrade your irrigation system

Posted by Randy Tuma on January 31, 2018

When it comes to your landscape, watering your grass and plants with an irrigation system is vital for proper nourishment and growth. Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping installs smart sprinkler systems that ensure your landscape is receiving the correct amount of water while conserving our natural resources. Below we have common reasons why you should upgrade your irrigation system.

  • An upgraded irrigation system offers convenience to homeowners with technological advances such as low-volume spray heads and features that let you monitor your system from virtually anywhere on your smart devices.
  • If you have expanded your lawn to feature more flower and vegetable gardens, installing an irrigation system that covers more square footage is essential for proper growth.
  • If you experience expensive water bills when you water your lawn, you should upgrade your sprinkler system with a conservative distribution spray head.
  • When homeowners add patios, sidewalks, and walkways to their lawn, this could cause drainage problems, leaving problematic puddles. An updated irrigation system can help regulate water distribution.
  • It is time to upgrade to a higher-efficiency sprinkler if you start to notice your grass has a lot of insects or fungi. This occurs when your plants are receiving too much or too little water.

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