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5 reasons to use patio pavers

Posted by Randy Tuma on January 29, 2018

Our hardscape contractors at Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping recommend our patio and walkway pavers to many homeowners to help enhance their overall property value and outdoor enjoyment.  We install our patio pavers to create durable driveways, walkways, and outdoor patio areas. See below for the five reasons why you should use patio pavers.


Patio pavers allow for heavy usage and traffic. This quality results from being made from incredibly durable materials and Pavers are known to withstand substantial weight and pressure.

Easy Repairs

Since pavers are an interlocking system of stones, the repair process is simple and inexpensive if one of the pavers becomes damaged or cracked.


Pavers come in many different shapes, sizes, and color combinations that are sure to fit your overall design and budget.


Compared to conventional concrete and asphalt, pavers tend to cost a little more but have a quick installation process while typically longer-lasting.


Pavers are ready to use the minute you lay them down in your yard. Unlike concrete, the installation process requires a few hours or days to dry completely before using.

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